Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I See Art

As long as I can remember I could see the beauty in some of the oddest things.  Enjoy.

This is a photo of my studio/living room/showroom.  Most of the items in this room were either thrifted or given to me with the exception of the art.  All of the paintings on the walls and on the easel were created by me.

One of my prized possessions is my 1948 pink General Electric stove.  I only paid $100 for it 11 years ago.  The heating element in the oven blew 5 years ago so it now houses art supplies and  a small color tv inside the oven.  What a beauty!

My art table was given to me by my good friend Rhea.  Thanks girl!!

My vintage Neiman Marcus rhinestone stilettos that I purchased  5 years ago that are now all of the sudden very, very snug.  Darn it!  They now adorn a vintage French bottle drying rack a top an armoire in my studio.

This is a photo of my dining room/sitting room.  Again, a majority of the items in this room were either thrifted, free or found in an antique store with the exception of the art on the walls which were created by me, my kids or one of my many art friends.  The artwork above the stools was created by my mentor Frank Frazier.

This is my fireplace screen that I bartered for.  It was perfect for the fireplace at my house in Oak Cliff, not so much for the fireplace for this house in Frisco, so now it is showcased as a sculpture a top an art deco buffet.

This is my wall of black and white and sepia tone familly photos.  The photos encase my grandmother's upright buffet.  I call it the "little buffet".  On the buffet are my grandmother's bar set and colorful metal pot lids I found at The White Elephant (one of my favorite antique stores).

This is my gorgeous orange sink that I found at my friend Greg's shop Patina Bleu.  I intended to put this sink in my Oak Cliff house bathroom.  Maybe someday.  For now, it's a cool sculpture / cat condo for Coco Trixiebelle!

These windows come with a story.  I was on my way to church on a Sunday morning which happened to be the day before bulk trash pickup and I spied 4 perfect old windows and some other random treasures among my neithbor's trash.  I backed down the street got out of the car and proceeded to dig through my neighbor's trash in 5" stilettos none the less.  Mike and John came out of their house, promptly laughed at me and watched as I struggled to drag one the windows across the street and place it on my front porch.  Once they saw that I meant business,  they offered to bring all of the items that I "shopped for" over to my front porch before I made it back home from church.

Since Earth Day was fast approaching and  a recycled art contest at my kids' school was coming up, I saw an opportunity for my kids to create something really cool.  One window was painted by Indigo and the other by Seth.  I think they are simply amazing.  These windows are hanging up in my breakfast room.  They bring a smile to my face everytime I look at them.


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