Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Jenny Outfit

As I mentioned in my profile I am a freespirited artist and a lover of clothing and shoes that project true style.  I think fashion should be fun and that one should not be afraid to take a risk.  When you take risks you find out what works and what doesn't work.  I can truly say that I have taken many a fashion risk.  I am an artist and most would say that I can get away with dressing "different" because I am an artist.  When I put on lets say denim cutoffs, a DIY backless handpainted tee and cowboy boots and ask my hubby "How do I look?'  His response is "It's a Jenny Outfit."  I have been known to wear just about anything that I think shows great style with the exception of the following item that I most likely will not be caught in: which is the mid drift/ belly baring top.  I am considered by some to be "tiny", but  let's be real, three people have resided in my belly and  I really have no desire to show off what I consider to be one of the most unflattering parts of my body especially with its road  map of stretch marks!

A couple of months back I put on what I considered to be one of my "flyest" Jenny Outfits.  My outfit consisted of a vintage 70's printed silk jumpsuit with slits on the legs and back, bold gold jewelry, gold and clear dressy flip flops and topped off by my Tom Ford sunglasses.  When I asked my husband "How do I look?'  His response was that I looked like a giant wasp.  I was not expecting that response.  I knew my outfit was fly, but not fly by way of looking like one of it's insect relatives.  I left the house proudly and with great confidence despite the comment.  When I reached  my destination I received  many compliments  from both men and women loving my assemble.  Not that I need validation from others,  I knew I looked cute before I left home despite the comment.

I wear lots of outfits that some would regard as over the top, artsy, different,  or what have you.  I don't mind standing out in a crowd and I am not trying to garner attention from the clothes that I wear. I am not completely defined by the clothes that I wear.  I just love  fashion and having one's own style.

I have learned over the years that outfits referred to by my husband as "Jenny Outfits" are not necessarily bad things.  He is acutally complimenting me on my originality and in his own way letting me know that he likes it.

So here's  to another year of  "Jenny Outfits" and standing out in crowd .  Here's to not being derailed when you ask the question "How do I look?" and not getting the response that you were hoping for.  Here's to being confident enough to wear "Jenny Outfits" with your head held high.  Cheers.

TTFN (Ta Ta For Now)


Photos 1 and 2 - Raggy Tee worn with blue jean cut offs and Larry Mayhan boots.  Photos 3 and 4 - My grandmother's 1970's printed silk jumpsuit worn with large gold circle dangle earrings designed by my BFF and a spiral cuff made and designed by my friend Kelly from The Rose Garden.


  1. Nice Blog, love the outfit, please showcase more outfits.

  2. Well said artistic - fashionista! I look forward to viewing more pictures.

  3. Love the of my favorites! Super cute!